Pinnacle Award Winners

The Pinnacle Awards showcase key marketing productions and recognize all the ways Alaskan marketers can be impactful for their clients. To help us select our winners, we recruited 4 other AMA chapters to help select this year’s winners. They are distinguished leaders of AMA chapters around the country, including Hawaii, New York, Illinois, Texas, and North Carolina. Congratulations to all our our 2017 Pinnacle Award Winners!

Annual Reports
Strategies 360 for Bristol Bay Native Corporation’s Annual Report

About the entry: The 2017 Annual Report is not only a corporate communications piece that provides a detailed report on BBNC’s financial and economic performance for fiscal year 2017, but that also serves as a vehicle to tell a deeper story, creating an emotional resonance amongst BBNC’s shareholders—a story driven by an editorial strategy that was forward-looking, while also celebrating a 45-year legacy. To widen engagement, a companion website was also created. The online site served as a portal to direct audiences to additional content that expound on other BBNC stories, milestones, initiatives, and programs.

Beacon Media + Marketing for Anna’s Alaska logo

About the entry: Beacon Media + Marketing developed a name, concept and logo for Anna Sattler’s vision for an Alaska-Native based cooking and travel show. The logo needed to give voice to the humor and vitality that is so much a part of creator herself as well as pay homage to Sattler’s upbringing.


Coastal Villages Region Fund for their Newsletter 

About the entry: Coastal Villages Region Fund undertook a redesign of their newsletter with the goals of making the aesthetic cleaner and more modern, and focusing the content on the beneficiaries of the Fund’s regional development efforts.”

Social Media

UAA, Division of Performing and Fine Arts for their ‘Climbing the Social Ladder’ campaign        

About the entry: As one of the University of Alaska Anchorage’s revenue generating divisions, the Division of Performing and Fine Arts was tasked with increasing ticket sales and public awareness on a shoestring budget. With the use of original eye-catching graphics, in-house photography, original video content, and the leveraging of media attention, the division successfully achieved its objectives using social media.

Beacon Media + Marketing for Juneau Youth Services’ website 

About the entry: Juneau Youth Services’ was in need of a new website focused on quality user experiences and an updated look to go with their new branding.


Yuit Communications for American Heart Association’s ‘Super Survivor’ Campaign  

About the entry: The American Heart Association started the Go Red Ambassadors to show that heart disease can affect anyone at any time and to share the stories of local individuals. Dressed as super heroes, these heart disease survivors showed us that we can all be heart heroes. Yuit Communications worked with AHA and photographer heart survivor Jim Jensen to develop a creative, engaging campaign that exceeded expectations and generated awareness that will likely save lives.

Radio Advertising
Strategies 360 for Bristol Bay Native Corporation’s “Bristol Bay Firefighters”

About the entry: “Bristol Bay Firefighters” was developed in the midst of a particularly bad summer for forest fires. The purpose of the ad was for BBNC to highlight how the corporation makes investments that benefit all Alaska citizens. Highlighting a firefighting crew from the town of Nondalton, Alaska, the ad tells the story of how BBNC pays for some of the team’s most important firefighting gear (boots and safety tents). The concluding line of “No matter what the challenge, we’re all in it together” is to help drive the overall message that BBNC is a significant player in helping all Alaskans, especially during a time of great economic challenge.

Print Advertising

United Way for ‘Business Leaders’     

About the entry: United Way of Anchorage created a year-long print advertising campaign using well-known local business leaders, many of whom are United Way board members, to make an ask of their peers to get involved in solving the issues in our community in partnership our organization. United Way leveraged the status and reputation of these business executives to impact their peers as decisions of major monetary and influential partnerships start at the top of the organization.

Branding Corporate Identity
Spawn Ideas for GCI’s Trailblazer campaign

About the entry: GCI, a quad-play telecommunications company headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, had a year full of exciting organizational changes. Prior to these changes, GCI operated in three separate spheres: business and enterprise, consumer and residential and TERRA. These three areas led to an environment where GCI had several (and sometimes competing) goals, values, and messages all coming from different places. The view of the company internally was fractured and confusing for employees. With a forward-looking approach, GCI put the foundational building blocks in place to improve the customer experience in 2017 and beyond with an investment in systems improvement, creating the Chief Customer Experience role and breaking down silos internally between business, consumer and TERRA efforts.

Online Advertising
Yuit Communications for ASTAC Virtual Reality Goggles

About the entry: Yuit Communications developed a digital campaign for Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative (ASTAC) to introduce and promote virtual reality goggles to customers and prospective customers. ASTAC is a member-owned telephone utility cooperative providing telecommunications services to the residents of the North Slope region of Alaska. The campaign targeted nearly 5,800 residents and achieved its objectives of increased sales and social engagement including a CTR nearly three times the national average.

Outdoor Advertising
Spawn Ideas for GCI & Ericsson “Secluded to Included”

About the entry: Spawn Ideas used outdoor advertising show how Ericsson and GCI jointly revolutionized connectivity in Rural Alaska through their “Secluded to Included” campaign. The campaign came to life via long form video, print advertisement and this entry, which can be seen in Concourse C at the ted Stevens International Airport.

Special Events
MSI Communications for BP Celebrates 40 Years of Oil In The Pipeline

About the entry: The BP Alaska 40th Anniversary Celebration marketing concept was designed to create an emotional connection between the local Anchorage headquarters for BP Alaska and their North Slope colleagues, 400 miles away in Prudhoe Bay, as they celebrated the 40th anniversary of oil flowing through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.

Video Advertising
Buzzbizz Creative for UAA’s Community Technical College

About the entry: The University of Alaska Anchorage Community Technical College (CTC) faced the challenge of budget cuts and a population that is reluctant to invest in continuing education when they came to Buzzbizz Creative for video production. Tasked with developing video ads and a marketing strategy to maximize impact with a low budget, Buzzbizz developed 6 videos targeting a different group of people to generate interest in the CTC programs and increase new student enrollment from previously untapped demographics.


Prism Award Winners

The Prism Campaign Awards recognize the greatest achievements in Alaskan marketing over the past year. The Prism Campaign Awards showcase the best campaigns of the year while the Prism Awards: Visionary of the Year, and Marketer of the Year showcase individuals who have raised the bar in our marketing community. Without these leaders, and the thought leaders who bring us winning campaign and campaign elements, Alaska would not have the vibrant marketing industry that we currently enjoy.

Community Development Campaign
Beacon Media + Marketing for Anna’s Alaska

About the campaign: Beacon Media + Marketing developed, created and implemented a new brand and marketing campaign to positively impact our rural Alaska communities and culture. The campaign was created around the mission and vision of Anna’s Alaska, which is to positively showcase and impact Native Alaskans and the rural community in our state.

Advocacy Campaign
Yuit Communications for American Heart Association’s ‘Super Survivor’ Campaign

About the campaign:
The American Heart Association started the Go Red Ambassadors to show that heart disease can affect anyone at any time and to share local individuals and their stories. Featuring “real” local women in the communications campaign was impactful in raising awareness for the cause and proved successful in raising awareness this year as seen through media outreach and financial contributions. Yuit Communications worked with AHA to develop a creative, engaging campaign that exceeded expectations and generated awareness that will likely save lives.

Small Business Campaign
Beacon Media + Marketing for Beacon Media + Marketing

About the campaign:
Beacon Media + Marketing rolled out a comprehensive marketing campaign, called “The Beacon Way” to attract higher level prospects, market new product offerings, streamline sales and on-boarding, increase profitability and compete for national accounts. Their marketing campaign was developed through extensive research of the market as well as identifying their expertise and organizing it into a system to deliver reliable results for their clients. Budget for their grassroots Inbound Marketing Campaign was $36,000.

Integrated Campaign
Spawn Ideas for Northrim Bank’s ‘Beyond Banking’ campaign

About the campaign: The Northrim ‘Beyond Banking’ campaign shows how the bank sees its customers as more than numbers on a piece of paper. This integrated campaign shows how Northrim goes beyond transactions to offer solutions that add value to customer’s lives, betting them back to the things that matter most.

Visionary Marketer of the Year
Kerry Youngren from MSI Communications

About the winner: Kerry leads one of the most effective digital teams in Alaska overseeing nearly a billion impressions since last September. This year she worked on a Bank of America campaign in Alaska specific and overreached all of her KPIs. One of the more innovative achievements this past year was placement of a geofilter for Donlin Gold at the 2017 Iditarod that reached over 11,000 people. Most impressive was her incredible 7% growth of the Club 49 with her Summer Sweepstakes campaign. Kerry consistently is ‘mushing’ new roads in the digital space in Alaska.

Marketer of the Year
Debra Reinwand from Brilliant Media Strategies.

About the winner: Over the past year Debbie has launched the most successful product launch for MTA, increased credibility and name recognition for ConocoPhilips, and led the incredibly influential ‘I am Inupiaq, We are ASRC’ campaign. She is a powerhouse in the RFP game by winning 4 of the last 5 RFP pitches Debbie leads Alaska’s ‘oldest’ marketing firm but its attitude continues to evolve and focus the agency to fresh, effective marketing for their clients. This year Debbie became the majority owner and flipped the agency upside down to honor staff, increase efficiency and continue to provide amazing client solutions.


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